Dudley Ladies Running Club
Has Now Regrettably Come To An End.



The 2019 Presentation Evening was again held at Linden House, Tettenhall on Friday 12th July when Rita welcomed everyone to the event before starting the evening off with a loud explosion of party poppers

There then followed a silver service three course meal of Minestrone Soup or Iced Melon with Ginger for starters, Chicken Chasseur or Roast Topside of Beef or Feta Cheese & Broccoli Bake for main course, with Profiteroles in Hot Bailey’s Sauce or Strawberries & Cream for dessert

Following the meal, which everyone said was excellent, Rita again graciously allowed Phil his yearly treat by allowing him to speak in public and he duly congratulated everyone on their achievements

The presentation then began proper with Rita and Phil presenting the Beginners with their Medals, Certificates and Tee-shirts.

Marathon and Half Marathon Trophies where then presented to;-

1 Chelle Farmer Lewis - Manchester Marathon

2 Julie Lewis - London Marathon

3 Jenny Campana – Edinburgh Marathon

1 Alison Ashford – Blackcountry Half Marathon

2 Chelle Farmer-Lewis – Numerous Half Marathons

3 Debbie Hughes – Blackcountry Half Marathon

4 Ellen Clarke – Birmingham Half Marathon

5 Jenny Campana – Coventry Half Marathon

6 Joanne Slomka-Moore – 3 x Half Marathons

7 Julie Lewis – Cardiff Half Marathon

8 Kay Wright – 3 x Half Marathons

9 Lisa Mason – 3 x Half Marathons

10 Michelle Marney – 3 x Half Marathons

11 Natalie Polito – Birmingham Marathon

12 Sue Round – Wolverhampton Trail Half Marathon


That done the evening then moved on to the individual award winners and as Rita explained, this year was again as difficult as ever, with around 200 runners in the club and everyone with a good case to put, just where do you start???

And to top it all, the evenings raffle raised £160 which was given to Charlotte Bowen who ran the Run For Life for her mom.

A big thank you was given to all the people that helped on the night, including Anne Roberts, Felicity Wilkinson and Michelle Marney who took all the photos

Chelle Farmer RoY.jpg

Runner of the Year 2019 - Chelle Farmer Lewis


This is the award we give to the person we think has been a true inspiration to others in the club and we didn’t have far to look this year.

This lady proves what everybody says about Dudley Ladies, which is “Once a Dudley Lady, Always a Dudley Lady”

Once people join, they may get injured, they may get pregnant or life may kick in but sooner or later they always return and are welcomed back with open arms.

And this is what happened to Chelle.

She first joined us in 2017 before taking time out but she came back and fitted in as if she'd never been away. She is an absolute inspiration to everyone in the club and we’ve lost count of the number of races that she has done, she seems to do one every week and would do more if she could fit them in.

She leads a very busy lifestyle with a full-time job, a home and a family to look after but she still fits in coming to the club every week, encouraging everyone around her and always with a big wide smile on her face.

She has had her fair share of ups and downs over the last year or so but she always returns stronger than ever but she hasn’t given up and she’s showed the kind of determination that we’d all like to have.

Sarah Lester BoY.JPG

Beginner of the Year 2019 - Sarah Lester


This is the award for the Beginner who we think has added the most value to themselves since joining the course.

This person doesn’t have to be the fittest or the fastest in the group.

We judge it by the standard they were when they first came and what they can do now and this lady has come on in leaps and bounds.

And as an added bonus she has made loads of new friends.

She has been such a popular and bubbly lady to have on the course.

Even though she leads a very busy and stressful lifestyle, she always turns up with a smile and a positive attitude and she has gone on to achieve more than the 3 miles that we set her.

Throughout the whole of the course, she has never said “I can’t do this”

Always very positive, she has said instead “I’ll try” or “I’ll give it a go”

Well she has tried and she has given it a given it a go and she has succeeded.

She thoroughly deserves her achievement to be recognised tonight.

And I’m sure none of you will be surprised that SARAH LESTER is this year's Beginner of The Year 2019

Michelle Marney SoY.JPG

Star of the Year - Michelle Marney


Every year we look for one special person who is everything that Dudley Ladies is all about. Well we didn’t have far to look this year.

Caring, Helpful, Motivational, Supportive and a good friend to others.

This lady is all of those things and a lot lot more, a true inspiration.

Once she sets her mind on something she shows true guts and determination to complete it.

She started as a Beginner, she has done lots of races, usually for charity, she has had her fair share of injuries and ill health but she always returns stronger than ever, she is a very shy, kind lady who stays in the background, she has become a very popular member of the club, always encouraging others with their running.

She always carries a bag of Jelly Babies for after a run, which she freely hands out and  is one of the kindest, most caring ladies we have ever had the privilege of meeting and is an absolute Star

And we are all so very proud of you MICHELLE MARNEY

Our Dudley Ladies Star of The Year 2019

Lisa Brindley MIR.JPG

Most Improved Runner of the Year - Lisa Brindley


This is an award we give to the Runner that we think has improved the most over the last 12 months.

This year one lady in particular has stood out.

Every run she does, she pushes herself to the limit and more.

She has shown incredible will-power, guts and determination, which we witnessed at the Worcester Half Marathon.

She is steadily getting faster and running further.

We are extremely proud of her achievements.

So will done LISA BRINDLEY, your family should be very proud of you.

Ellen LA.jpg

Group Leadership Award 2019 - Ellen Clarke


This award is for the person who we think has shown good Leadership skills this year

This person has to show that she can take charge of a group, she can motivate them to achieve more, she can build relationships with everyone in the group, she can listen to each and every one of them, she can also give praise and encouragement when they need it.

There are a quite few people in the club who could have this award but this year we have chosen someone who has stood out for us as a good Leader.

This lady joined us in 2016, not having run before, not having much confidence and not knowing many people.

She has developed into such a different person.

She runs regular now and always has a group around her who she encourages and gives advice to,

She plans the routes and motivates every single person in her group.

We are very proud of what she has achieved and thoroughly deserves Dudley Ladies Leadership Award 2019 ELLEN CLARKE

Nicki Marsh CWoY.JPG

Club Woman of the Year Award 2019 - Nicki Marsh


This award is our Club Woman of the Year

Every year we look for one special person who is everything that Dudley Ladies is all about.

Caring, Helpful, Motivational, Supportive and a good friend to others.

This lady is all of those things and a lot lot more.

She has won this award before and EVERYONE in the club knows her.

She welcomes everyone with her warm personality and gives advice and help.

This lady is an absolute Star, we are all so very proud of what she has achieved.

NICKI MARSH is Dudley Ladies Club Woman of 2019

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