Dudley Ladies Running Club
Has Now Regrettably Come To An End

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Club Founder Rita Vanes was the first person in the Midlands to create and organise Beginner's Running Courses for women which ultimately became the benchmark against which other clubs are now judged.

Women of all ages and abilities from absolute beginners up to seasoned marathon runners, were catered for so if the beginner's was too basic, more proficient runners were integrated into the main group


Rita says:-


In our course, we start people off from absolute scratch and get everyone up to running 3 miles or over within 10 weeks.

On top of that we show them all the basics of stretching, warming up and warming down, what shoes, bra and clothes to wear etc.

The course is basically aimed at people who have either never run before, haven't run for some time or simply can't run for a bus and we teach them all the basic things that they need to know.

During the course we have various people come in to give talks or demonstrations or promotions etc just to keep things fresh and interesting.

On the physical side, I start them off with a little bit of walking and a little bit of running around the football field.

This is so that they are not running on hard surfaces to start with, it gently eases you into running and builds them up slowly.

When I'm satisfied that everyone can cope with the field, we then take them out on to the Wombourne Railway walk to do an out and back type run.

This is where I get them to run out for a certain number of minutes before turning around and running straight back.

Over the weeks, I increase the amount of time until everyone either reaches or exceeds the one and half mile turn around point to achieve their 3 miles.

Some of the runners will of course go on and do a lot more in the allotted time but eventually, everyone does it in the end.

The beauty of this system is that there is no pressure on you, no one ever finishes last or feels silly or feels that people are waiting for them and of course you progress up to doing the 3 miles in your own time at your own rate.

I've been using this system for several years now with beginners and people will tell you that it works very well, hence the very low dropout rate”

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Beginners Stretching

Beginners First Night 1

Beginners First Night 2